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Maritime Agency Department

Maritime Agency Department

  • Husbandry Agency
  • Port and Cargo Agency
  • Maritime Services

Miracle Ship Agency’s services include cargo activities and husbandry.
Loading, unloading or transporting cargo; container, general cargo, dry bulk or bulk. We have the necessary experience to streamline your cargo operations.
From the smallest delivery of spare parts to the most complex dry docking operation, we take care of all aspects of our customers’ needs.
We strive to achieve the highest operational efficiency, while saving costs for our directors.


In addition, our range of agency services comprises:


– Agency appointment received and confirmed.
– PDA for port costs and pre-arrival information provided.
– Port scale planning / mooring perspective begins.
– Financing of PDA port costs (when applicable).


– Authorization of departure completed.
– Vessel frequented on departure.
– Operational information collected.
– Departure updates sent to the director.


– Ships arrive and are served on arrival.
– Completed arrival.
– Port call progress report provided.
– Vessel and operational requirements met.


– Invoices received from suppliers.
– Invoices verified and approved.

Time and money are key considerations for ship Masters, owners and operators.
That’s why Miracle Ship Supply Service provides the most efficient way to exchange officers & crew and deliver spares & provisions to vessels, without requiring them to divert from their course or stop. Using fast, air-conditioned supply and crew launches.
With Egypt being at a strategic position makes it ideal as transit Hub for vessel passing through its Suez Canal & straits without delays nor loss of time whilst receiving stores/crew changes etc.

Many Principals strive to work more efficiently with agents on a worldwide or regional basis.
Port call information, administration and billing can be processed and coordinated through Miracle Hub Services division, utilizing their expertise to control and reduce costs.